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Marmor Wanne

Über Carrara, Italy MarmorWelt Capitol

QTVR von Marmorsteinbruche und werkstaette

 The art of marble-working has very ancient origins in Carrara. Roman exhibit goes back to third century A.D. Masters like Michelangelo, Donatello, Jacopo Della Quercia were drawn here for the statuary quality marble. The history of Carrara is connected to beautiful monuments, church and sculptures build in any century everywhere. Skilled craftsmen made possible to transform artistic concepts into marble art pieces. Nowadays many objects are signed by artists and architects. They have enormously enriched and made precious the furnishings in all their aspects by the use of Marble. Table, writing desks, fountains, lamps, plater objects are more often elements for stimulating creations worth appearing not only in the most elegant residences but also in modern art museum.